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About SherylQBPro-Consulting
I created SherylQBPro-Consulting to help individuals and businesses alike solve their QuickBooks issues.  I began working with QuickBooks in 2001 at a Public Accounting Firm in Bedford, TX.  My Intuit Certification and experience has provided me with expertise in  multiple versions of QuickBooks.  In addition, my eduational background includes degrees in both Accounting and International Business Spanish.

SherylQBPro Consulting began operations in February 2010 with 1 client. Within one year by using marketing techniques, skill, knowledge of QuickBooks and word of mouth, the business has managed to build a clientele base of approximately 10 monthly and 7 quarterly repeat customers. This year's business plan is to expand the client base.  The possibilities are endless..

My mission is  to provide small businesses and individual proprietors solid, reliable accounting services, and solutions tailored to meet their needs. On-site and remote accounting services or a combination of both are available. By employing flexible scheduling, and working closely with owners and administrators, I am capable of meeting the needs of each client in a timely and productive manner.   
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